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Posted: December 29, 2011 in Nighttime, Uncategorized, Writting
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I stepped outside into enveloping darkness.

The air around me felt moist.

It wasn’t humid, just a barely tangible wetness.

The kind that sticks to your skin and makes you feel cold during a cool night.

But again, not humid.

It was the first sting that shook me from my thoughts.

The second sting scared me.

And the third simply felt dirty.

My eyes were open.

They had seen it all.

And all was nothing.

I walked quickly trying to push my insecurities aside.

My mind convinced me that it had wandered too far.

Reality jolted me back again.

Warm, sticky wetness oozed down my back past my shoulder blades.

I was frozen barely able to contain my fear of possible invasion.

There wasn’t much I could do.

But I wasn’t the type to be easily swayed by goosebumps.

I reached up and touched the wetness on my back.

Then I brought my moist fingers forward.

A quick look made it clear that the wetness was thick and red.

The conclusion was not one I wanted or was willing to accept.

My legs shivered.

I ran.

There was no way to control my fear now.

My legs pushed and carried me forward feeling the full weight of each step.

Faster and farther.

The ooze clotted, turned reddish-brown, stopped.

My legs slowed to a halt.

My fear held me in a state of constant vigilance.

Now I knew I needed to trust my instinct to flee.

Now I knew something had happened.

In what seemed like a moment, I was bitten.

Then the feeling was gone.

All that remained was fear and slowly clotting blood.

My body felt guarded from intrusion but no longer safe.

Every tree and shadow convinced me that beyond myself there were things I could never understand.

I knew enough to feel calm as I started to walk again.

This time I was heading home.

The darkness that scared me and tore deep into my flesh watched silently.

The shadows continued to loom over me.

There was nothing I could do to avoid another attack but something within me believed there would be none.